Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I was intending to update this earlier, but I just came back from Disneyland and I've been pretty pooped. This past week has been crazy because I've been on a roadtrip along the west coast of the States with my friend, Kim.

While she was driving, I was working on a project for Quickdraw Animation Society. They're fundraising for the Chris J. Melnychuk Memorial Scholarship, which supports emerging animators with their projects. The project itself is to help complete a part of Chris' last film - documenting his struggles with tongue cancer.

I was lucky enough to work on my section with Kristen Campbell, and though it was difficult finding time/wi-fi to communicate with one another, I think the project turned out pretty good. Here are some images from it:

It was pretty stressful to be on vacation and still working on this, but it all worked out! It premieres at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary on October 15 for the "Watch Me Move" launch party.

If you'd like to donate to the scholarship, please click here! Thank you!

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  1. Hi Sitji,

    I saw your Peter and the Space between and was impressed. I am a professional comic book writer working for US, UK and Japanese companies like Kodansha, Top Shelf and NBM. I've more than a dozen books published so far, including some award winning ones (sorry for showing off!). Now I'm moving into animation, as a writer. How can I mail you please? I don't see any contact here.
    Thanks, Sean