Sunday, May 29, 2011


What with school ending and everything, some friends and I have decided to do a June Art Marathon! This means that we will all fully finish an illustration, animation test, animation asset, film exercise etc for every day in June.

I'll post up my part of the marathon here, but everything will be compiled at

Hope ya'll enjoy!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I don't really have any photos to show (cause I don't have.. a camera) but anyway, the show went really smoothly! We were pretty prepared that day and it seemed organized. Catering was great and we had a lot of people on hand to help out! We really came together as a group!

The show also served as a platform for the President's Media Award, and I was lucky enough to get the prize for animation! Thank you to Ron Burnett, and the media jury for this wonderful prize! :)

Speaking of prizes, some friends of mine also go the Traveller's Prize, to help aid them in their trip to Toronto, for the film festival. Carrie-Anne Mombourquette (Basic Space), Ippiksaut Friesen (The Dimming), and Waleed Rabia (Yearning) all received this prize, and congratulations to Ippik for winning BEST OF ANIMATION AT THE FESTIVAL! AHH!! That is so exciting! Her film is great, by the way, and if you ever get a chance to see The Dimming, please do!

Congratulations to all the graduating students of Emily Carr, class of 2011! We should all be very proud of ourselves!

As for this blog, I'm going to keep it up! I've got several films I'm interested in doing, so I'll maintain similar progress blogs for those as well.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Hi guys! Sorry for the long intermission between posts, but the film is done, and the Internal show went really well! It's still up at Emily Carr for two more days if anyone is interested, and you can pick up my business card!

We're also having an External Show this Saturday at VanCity theatres. The doors are at 11, award ceremony at 12, and the first program begins at 12:30.

I'm in the first program from 12:30-2, so check it out if you don't have anything to do this May long weekend!

Here is the facebook link for those of you incline:

Please come if you have a chance! Lots of good food!